Are Condoms Safe Enough to Prevent Pregnancy?

Are Condoms Safe Enough to Prevent Pregnancy?

Yes. Condoms are incredibly safe, when they are used properly. In most studies, they have been found to be almost as effective as birth control pills, with most showing a 98% or greater effectiveness, when used correctly. Meaning, if 100 women use condoms for a year, only 2 will experience a pregnancy.

So, are condoms safe enough to prevent pregnancy? If you use them correctly, it's highly unlikely that you will become pregnant. However, many people use them incorrectly, sparingly, or use the wrong kind.

Studies which look at standard condom usage have shown considerably less effective results, although still over a 80% prevention rate. However, it's important to note that these studies include people who simply didn't use the condoms, or used them incorrectly.

It's important to recognize that condoms are one of the few contraceptions which can also help to protect against STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), which is why they are highly recommended.

Are Condoms Safe Enough to Prevent Pregnancy?

Yes, they are. But you must use them correctly. Many people don't put them on the right way, they use the wrong size, store them in terrible conditions, use them past their use-by date and let them slip off.

  1. Find the right size condom and sex essentials. Condoms can only be safe enough to prevent pregnancy if they stay on during sex! Don't size-up or down to fit your ego, worry about fitting your penis. It should be tight, but not uncomfortable. The condom shouldn't slip off during sex, but it shouldn't cause any pain or discomfort. All condoms will have size guides online.

  2. Remember, squeeze the tip of the condom as you put it on the head of the penis, then roll it down to the base before releasing the tip. This prevent air from getting in the tip, which could cause breakage or slippage.

  3. Store condoms at room temperature, not in your sweaty wallet. Storage is critical, for condoms and for sex toys like vibrators.

  4. Refresh your supply regularly. If you aren't using them often, check the use-by date and make sure that you never exceed it. It's better to be safe than sorry if you want a condom to be safe enough to prevent pregnancy.