Sex and Relationships in Quarantine: The Raw Data

Sex and Relationships in Quarantine: The Raw Data

Quarantine has impacted everything, including our sex lives. Now, we're working with a researcher to investigate how couples across the globe are dealing with quarantine, inside of their bedrooms and out.

Using Google Trends and other data sources we're able to find insights into the peoples lives, without ever needing to survey them. This data comes directly from the search terms that people enter into Google. Whether people admit it or not, this is what they're searching for, which is why this data can be far more insightful that self-reported surveys.

We started this deep dive because we were interested to find out how peoples relationships and sex lives were impacted by coronavirus.

Are people having more sex, or less? Is quarantine hurting relationships? Are people being more adventurous in the bedroom?

Unsurprisingly, group sex and strip clubs are down considerably due to much of the population being quarantined because of COVID-19. In many states, strip clubs are closed entirely.

Likewise, it's hard to have a threesome while you're social distancing...

Searches for lingerie are also down. This might be explained by the large percentage of people who aren't seeing any sexual partners right now and are less likely to buy new lingerie. Who needs a bra when you're at home, anyway?

But what about sex toys? Reports from stores across multiple countries claim that sex toy sales are up drastically in recent weeks. But what does the data say?


After experiencing an initial drop in searches following the start of the lockdown, search volume for vibrators is at a 12-month high. Time for orgasms!

During quarantine the search volume is 8.3% higher on average, but if the current trend continues this will be much higher in a few weeks.

Our explanation for this trend is that almost all of us can make it a couple of weeks without sex. But as the lockdown has continued on, more people have turned to the internet to find a plastic, silicone or metal companion for the evenings.


Since coronavirus took over the news cycle, the number of searches for "sex tips" has increased 85.2% in the US.

The data suggests that more couples are looking for ways to improve their sex lives. It's hard to avoid the boring sex that's staring you in the face, when you're with your partner day in and day out.

The top results for the search term "sex tips" are enormous lists of sexual tidbits that you can use to spice if your bedroom.


Search volumes for engagement rings are down, as are searches by those looking for a divorce. It seems that more young couples are deciding to wait until after the coronavirus pandemic has finished before they invest in an engagement ring and propose.

Rings are expensive, damn it! Especially with the unemployment rate creeping up.

On the flip side, searches for divorces are down considerably. This doesn't necessarily mean that relationships are any happier. Instead, many people are likely realizing that this isn't an ideal time for a divorce, if you can afford to wait.


For most couples, butt play is still taboo.

Prostate massages in particular are a step outside of the norm and the data seems to suggest that couples are less likely to try new things during quarantine. This goes against the idea that BDSM and kinky play would spike with people spending more time together.

It could be that couples have more time to enjoy their sex lives together, so they might not feel the need to escalate their play.


All data is sourced from Google Trends.