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Icicles No. 76 Glass Plug in Red

A beautiful red glass plug, with a rose petal base, this plug will make you look and feel incredible. Designed with a tapered tip and bulging middle, it provides an amazing stretch.

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Product Description

The delicate tip of this plug makes it incredibly comfortable to insert and the large bulge in the middle, at 3.6" in girth, provides a fun and pleasurable stretch. It stimulates your nerve endings, and for prostate owners will offer a direct massage.

The plug itself is made using high-quality glass, which makes it body-safe, slick and amazingly comfortable to wear. Glass can be easily maintained, and you can use any type of lube that you prefer.  The base itself is designed to represent a beautiful rose petal, and is flared out wide to offer a safe base to prevent accidents.


Length: 4"
Insertable Length: 2.5"
Girth: 3.6" at largest point
Width: 1.1" at largest point
Colour: Red
Material: Glass