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Perfect 2" Extension with Ball Strap in White

Natural feeling and incredibly stimulating, this 2" extension gives you plenty of extra length to pleasure your partner. Soft and comfortable, it's the ultimate extender.

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Product Description

Designed to look and feel as natural as possible, both for the person wearing it and their partner, this extender truly feels like you grew overnight! A must-have, the material is incredibly supple and feels natural inside of the body.

It fits comfortably over the shaft and head of the penis, with soft bands that tug around the balls to prevent it from slipping off. As well as an extra two inches, it also adds about 33% in girth, giving your partner a huge amount of extra stimulation.

Fanta Flesh by Pipedream is one of the most realistic materials ever created, with a lifelike texture and look. It cleans easily with soapy water and is compatible with water-based lubricants.


Length: 2 inches
Material: Fanta Flesh
Colour: White