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The award for most revolutionary sex toy has to go to the vibrator. Designed back in the 1880’s, it’s come a long way since then, now being one of the most popular sex toys across every continent. That famous buzz has signaled pleasure for millions of people, and continues to deliver orgasms every minute of the day.

Vibrators work because they move rapidly across your body, making your sensitive nerves fire, and triggering pleasure in our brains. Modern vibrators like we have today aren’t too dissimilar from their original cousins, and there has been surprisingly little innovation since the sexual revolution. The Magic Wand is still one of the most popular and glorified devices, despite never having been intended for use on our intimate parts.

The biggest change in vibrators has been the breadth of shapes and sizes that are available. Whether you prefer skinny or thick vibrators, tall or short, there is at least a handful that will fit you perfectly. But with thousands of vibrators to choose from, how can you choose? Let us give you the lowdown on sex toys, so you can vibe your way towards a world of ecstasy.

It’s important to remember that a vibrator is simply a sexual toy which includes some sort of motor that generates a buzz. It doesn’t necessarily need to only vibrate, it could also pulse, rotate, thrust or wiggle. The key is that it does something, rather than a dildo which is typically phallic in shape and which doesn’t have any mechanical functionality.

You’ll find that vibrators come in every shape and size, with different functions, which is why people can get confused. Some are the same of your finger, while others need both hands just to hold! You can even get vibrators that are designed for use with multiple partners, or in two different parts of your body. The most popular types of vibrators are small pocket-sized vibes which can be easily carried, and larger phallic-shaped dildos with vibrating ‘rabbit’ ears and a stimulating shaft.

In recent years the wand massager has come back to life. Originally designed to be used as a muscle relaxant, this vibrator is the easiest to use because of its long handle which allows for a comfortable grip and its wide head which removes the need for precision. The rounded head vibrates at different levels of intensity depending on the setting you choose, allowing for you to build-up to an intense climax and orgasm. These vibrators are normally used on the clitoris, but could be used anywhere that you choose.

Vibrating wand massagers are a great choose for new and experienced users, because they offer a wide variety of intensity levels. But if you’re looking for something discreet or portable, look elsewhere, as wands are large and can’t be easily stored. The more intense versions often require an outlet for power, which could be inconvenient depending on your bedroom setup.

Bullet or egg vibes are the ultimate pocket-sized pal, designed for use on the go and for maximal discretion. Some vibes even look like lipstick or a pencil, helping to keep your fun friend secret. Bullet vibes are incredibly popular because they are cheap and easy to use. Modern versions often have adjustable strength levels, allowing you to increase or decrease the intensity when required. Everybody should have one of these models because they are affordable and are ideal for both solo masturbation and for use with a partner.

If you want to get as close as possible to the real thing, a realistic vibrator is a great choice. They sex toys are shaped like a cock, but come packed with an extra punch of vibration. With thousands to pick from, you’ll be able to choose based on length, girth, skin tone and strength of vibration. With a variety of different materials, you can also get a skin like feel to your vibrator, with bumps and veins that make it as realistic as possible.

Alternatively, there are phallic-shaped but non-realistic toys available. These are great if you’re looking for g-spot stimulation and the feeling of being stretched, but without a realistic look or feel. These vibes are normally made using smooth silicone, and use bright material. Due to their simplicity, these can be more affordable and are therefore extremely popular with first-time sex toy users.