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Black Furry Handcuffs

These beautiful black furry handcuffs are the perfect entry-point into the magical world of bondage. Soft and furry, these handcuffs are deceivingly strong and difficult to break out of, making them excellently authentic for BDSM play.

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Product Description

With a high-quality pair of handcuffs you have the possibility to create thousands of sexy scenarios for you and your partner. The cuffs are adjustable to the size of your wrist and the metal will click into place as you tighten them to your liking. Keys are included to lock them into place and there’s a small push-button safety catch which can be used in case you lose the keys or need to get out quickly.

The faux fur above the metal helps to reduce friction and any potential pain from bumping into the metal. The cuffs will fit around most wrists and ankles comfortably, giving you the ability to play safely and with a smile on your face.