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Sliquid H2O Lube (4.2oz)

The unique formulation of H20 Natural Lube is designed to replicate your body’s own lubrication production. Water based and soluble, it’s incredibly slick and slippy, but won’t stain and washes off easily. Perfect for hypoallergenic skin.

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Product Description

H20 Glycerine Free Natural Lubricant by Sliquid is incredibly effective and will keep everything slick and slippery for a long time. Water-based, this personal lubricant is ideal for using with toys and with skin. H20 Natural Lube will take your sex life to the next level.

The formula uses a water-based liquid and a natural plant cellulose that keeps the lube super thick so that it stays on for longer and keeps your holes slick during your playtime. This lubricant is completely vegan, using no animal products, and is ideal for hypoallergenic skin.

No parbanens, flavours or perfumes are used in this lubricant. Water-based lubricants like H20 Sliquid Lube are water soluble which means that it will wash off easily and won’t make your sheets or clothes sticky.

Common Questions

Is Sliquid H20 Lube safe to use with condoms?

Yes, water-based lubricant like Sliquid are safe to use with condoms. The formula closely resembles the natural lubricant that the body produces. Sliquid H20 is best for vaginal and oral usage. It can be used for anal, but there are thicker alternatives.

Can Sliquid H20 be used on silicone toys?

Yes, you can use it with silicone products because it’s water-based. Only silicone lubes cannot be used with silicone products.

Is Sliquid H20 hypoallergenic?

It is, because it doesn’t contain parabens, flavours or any scenting ingredients. While we cannot gaurantee that it won’t cause irritation or allergies, by not using these common irritants, it’s far more likely to be comfortable for use by those with sensitive skin.