The Original Hitachi Magic Wand

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The ultimate vibrator, The Magic Wand by Hitachi is the best vibrator in the world. Trusted by millions of people for decades, it’s enhanced the sex life of couples and those looking for more solo enjoyment. This sex toy will change your life for the better, don’t miss out!

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Best CANADIAN Online Price + FREE Shipping

The Original Magic Wand is one of the best-selling vibrators in history, for good reason. With powerful vibrations and a luxury feel, the Magic Wand is designed to maximize your pleasure, alone or with partners.

  • Incredibly powerful 6,000 RPM vibrator
  • Trusted by millions of women and sex experts
  • Built to last for life!
  • Enjoy multiple orgasms

The best feature of the Magic Wand Original is the intense vibrations that it’s capable of delivering. While many wand vibrators and sex toys have tried to replicate these intense vibrations, nothing at this price point comes close.


Hitachi uses an incredibly strong motor, particularly in their original model, which uses a power outlet rather than a battery powered vibrator.

The length of the handle ensures that you can reach your sensitive areas without having to stretch. More comfort, equals more fun! The size of the head means that you don’t need to be precise, it will cover your entire vagina and push vibrations through your entire body.

There are two levels of vibration available on the Magic Wand, low and high. But even the lowest setting is incredibly powerful, far more intense than most vibrators. This isn’t for beginners!

This level gives you 5,000 vibrations per minute, humming along rapidly to provide constant pleasure as it rubs along your clit. If you need more, the higher level will give you 6,000 vibrations per minute which is wildly powerful. For most people, this is more vibration than you will ever need to reach orgasm in just a few minutes.

The handle itself is 9-inches long and atop that is the head, which is connected to by a flexible blue plastic neck for greater comfort. It bends extensively, allowing you to push it down onto your clit from an angle while retaining contact for maximal pleasure.

The head itself is made from vinyl, which is soft to the touch and an excellent surface for the vibrator. Vinyl is easy to clean and wipe down after you’ve used the Magic Wand.

How it Works

The Original Magic Wand is incredibly easy to use and involves only an on-off switch, which also controls the intensity of the vibrations. Typically, it’s best to start with the lower level of vibration due to the intensity and work your way up if you need more to reach climax.

The Magic Wand is powered by an outlet, which isn’t a long cord, only 6-feet in length. You’ll need to stay relatively close to your wall when you’re using it, unless you upgrade to the battery operated version which isn’t as strong.

Due to the power and strength of the Magic Wand, it’s not particularly discreet, especially being so large. But for somebody looking for the most intense vibrations, and orgasms, there is no better choice. Whether you’re looking to reach climax by yourself, or use it with a partner, it’s a great way to spice up your evening. With such a large vinyl head, it’s easy to keep it on the clit, even during penetration or when the bed is rocking!


  • Body-safe ABS plastic and vinyl
  • Control the intensity with high and low options
  • Requires power from an outlet to operate
  • Long 9-inch handle for easy use
  • Flexible head for comfortable pressure where it matters
  • 6-foot electric cord and plug attached

What’s Included?

  1. Original Magic Wand massager
  2. Instructions
  3. Attached electric cord

Product Care

The surface of the vibrator is vinyl, which is easy to wipe but is also porous. This means that molecules can get into the layers of the vinyl, making it difficult to keep clean and safe for use.

Due to this, it’s vital that you clean it straight away after you finish using it, ideally with an antibacterial spray that is safe for use on vinyl. You can also wipe it clean with a mildly damp cloth before using the cleaning fluid.

It’s advised that you purchase a silicone cover for using the Magic Wand. However, since most people use it only on their clit, limited liquid is going to get onto the header of the vibrator, especially if you keep it at the top of your clitoris during playtime.

Remember, the Magic Wand is NOT waterproof or water resistant. You shouldn’t clean it with water or submerge it into liquids. Unplug the toy before cleaning it to prevent any harm.

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