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Sensi-Thin Condoms in 12 Pack

Durex Sensi-Thin condoms offer excellent protection, while being 20% thinner than the average condom. The thinner layer increases sensation and pleasure, improving the feel for you and your partner.

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Product Description

Durex Sensi-Thin condoms protect you against sexually transmitted infections, as well as pregnancy. But they also ensure that you can maximize pleasure, safely. With 20% less barrier, you have much greater sensation and will be able to climax harder. The fitted shape of the Durex Sensi-Thin condom is easy to slide on, with plenty of slippery lubricant that makes sex feel great. Each box has 12 Durex Sensi-Thin condoms.


20% thinner than normal condoms

Fitted profile that’s slim and comfortable to wear

Less unpleasant latex scent

Sensi-Thin condoms by Durex use latex, which is a natural rubber which some people are allergic to. If you are, you shouldn’t use latex products like Sensi-Thin condoms. Water-based lubricants should be used with latex condoms, instead of silicone lubes.