Silicone Gem Anal Kit

Three silicone gem butt plugs, this kit gives you the option to warm up and also to find a wider and more intense stretch with more stimulation.

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Product Description

If you don't know what size you prefer, or if you like to mix things up, a trio of butt plugs in a variety of girths is the ultimate choice. Starting at 1" in width for the smallest, and 1.75" for the largest, there's a variety of sensations for you to enjoy.

Each of the plugs is highly tapered, with a bulb shape that allows for easy and comfortable insertion, with a wider bulging middle that offers a pleasurable stretch and salivating prostate stimulation.

On the bottom of each plug you'll find a flared and wide base, which keeps you safe and prevents it from slipping in. On the base there is a sparkling silver gem, which is securely attached and it glimmers brightly in the light. These plugs are outrageously cute, and feel exceptional inside of you. They are a must-have!


Length: 3.5", 3" and 2.5"
Width: 1.75", 1.25" and 1" at largest point
Colour: Black
Material: Silicone